Women of Values

Women, over the years, have shaped and upheld the values in society. Their contribution to sacrifice and service to humanity have left inspirational memories and positive gains for future generations. The Women of Values group brings women from all walks of life to share and inspire to continue to add their values to the world.
From time immemorial women have made invaluable contributions to their families, communities, nations, and the world. This has been made possible not only through their unique perspective of how the world is ...…. but more importantly through their desire and tireless efforts to make the world as it should be - a happier, more loving and caring place, for all God’s children.
The basis of this humanitarianism has been their deep divine values that so often have gone unexpressed because of some counter prevailing situation or circumstance, to the detriment of us all.
At this time we feel there is a need for us, as women, to come together to explore, realize, experience, and to nurture and express openly, these divine inner treasures for the benefit of each other, our families, and the wider communities in which we live.
The sessions are experiential and interactive with opportunities for personal sharing and silent reflection.